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Summary of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is that the use of an organism, or a component of an organism or other biological system, to form a product or process for a selected use.

This is a really broad definition, and as mentioned above, it can include both cutting-edge laboratory techniques and traditional agricultural and culinary techniques that are practiced for many years. Let’s examine three samples of biotechnology and see how they fit the definition:-
  1. Beer brewing. In beer brewing, tiny fungi (yeasts) are introduced into an answer of malted barley sugar, which they busily metabolize through a process called fermentation. The by-product of the fermentation is that the alcohol that’s found in beer. Here, we see an organism – the yeast – getting used to create a product for human consumption.

  2. Penicillin. The antibiotic penicillin is generated by certain molds. to create small amounts of penicillin to be used in early clinical trials, researchers had to get older to 500 liters of “mold juice” a week. the method has since been improved for industrial production, with use of higher-producing mold strains and better culture conditions to extend yield. Here, we see an organism (mold) being employed to create a product for human use – during this case, an antibiotic to treat bacterial infections.