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Summary of Multi-Compartment Model

A multi-compartment model may be a form of mathematical model used for describing the way materials or energies are transmitted among the compartments of a system. Sometimes, the physical system that we attempt to model in equations is just too complex, so it's much easier to discretize the matter and reduce the amount of parameters. Each compartment is assumed to be a homogeneous entity within which the entities being modeled are equivalent. A multi-compartment model is assessed as a lumped parameters model. kind of like more general mathematical models, multi-compartment models can treat variables as continuous, like a equation, or as discrete, like a Markoff chain. looking on the system being modeled, they will be treated as stochastic or deterministic.

Multi-compartment models are utilized in many fields including pharmacokinetics, epidemiology, biomedicine, systems theory, complexity theory, engineering, physics, information processing and scientific discipline. The circuits systems are often viewed as a multi-compartment model likewise. most ordinarily, the mathematics of multi-compartment models is simplified to produce only one parameter, like concentration-within a compartment.