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Summary of One Compartment Open Model

The one-compartment open model is that the easiest way to explain the method of drug distribution and elimination within the body. This model assumes that the drug can enter or leave the body (ie, the model is “open”), and also the entire body acts sort of a single, uniform compartment. the only route of drug administration from a modeling perspective may be a rapid shot (IV bolus). the best pharmacokinetic model that describes drug disposition within the body is that the IV bolus model where the drug is injected all directly into a box (the human body) or compartment, and also the drug distributes/equilibrates instantaneously and rapidly throughout the compartment. Drug elimination from the compartment also begins to occur immediately after the IV bolus injection.

Of course, this model may be a simplistic view of drug disposition within the body, which really is infinitely more complex than one compartment. within the body, when a drug is given within the type of an IV bolus, the complete dose of drug enters the bloodstream immediately, and therefore the drug “absorption process” into the plasma is taken into account to be instantaneous. In most cases, the drug quickly distributes via the cardiovascular system to potentially all the tissues within the body.