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Summary of Clinical Trial Personnel

Designing and running a test requires the abilities of the many experts. Each team is also founded differently at different sites. Typical team members and their duties include:

Principal investigator - supervises all aspects of a test. This person:
  • Develops the concept for the trial
  • Writes the protocol
  • Submits the protocol for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval
  • Directs the recruitment of patients
  • Manages the consent process
  • Supervises data collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation

Research nurse - manages the gathering of knowledge throughout the course of a test. This person:
  • Educates staff, patients, and referring health care providers about the trial
  • Communicates regularly with the man of science
  • Assists the man of science with the consent process, study monitoring, quality assurance, audits, and data management and analysis

Data manager - manages the gathering of knowledge throughout the course of a trial. This person:
  • Enters the information
  • Works with the PI and research nurse to spot what data are tracked
  • Provides data to monitoring agencies
  • Prepares summaries for interim and final data analysis