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Summary of Prescription :-

A medical prescription (℞) is an order (often in written form) issued by a qualified health care professional (e.g. physician and dentist) to a pharmacist or other therapist for a treatment (medicine or device) to be provided to their patient.

There are two broad legal classifications of medications :-
  • The medications which might be obtained only by prescription which are referred as pharmaceuticals or legend drugs.
  • The medications which can be purchased without a prescription, which are termed non prescribed drugs or over-the-counter (OTC).

Prescription errors are unintentional mistakes within the prescription, transcription, dispensing, and administration of medicines. Some prescription errors include wrong patient, incorrect medication, inappropriate dose, wrong time, wrong route of administration, and wrong rate of administration.

To prevent this, it's a decent practice to follow the ‘‘five rights principle’’ as a check : the correct medication-in the proper dose-to the proper patients-at the correct time-by the correct route of administration.