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Summary of Community Pharmacy Management

Perception of the community pharmacist
  1. Accessible health professional
  2. Provides advice to patients on health issues
  3. Professional charge is not clear: patrons believe that they can receive counselling without being charged
  4. Patients may feel more comfortable in a pharmacy setting rather than a clinic environment 

Changes occurring in the community pharmacy setting
  1. Availability of new drugs
  2. Ageing population
  3. Alternative dispensing systems: automated dispensing, domiciliary services, mail order, internet services
  4. Change to non-prescription medicine status

Challenges in the community pharmacy setting
  1. Financial viability
  2. Preservation of market share as opposed to competition from supermarkets, internet pharmacy and other sources to get drugs
  3. Cost containment
  4. Keeping up with ethical and legal considerations; the misconception that having a good business aspect is inconsistent with good clinical practice is very often discussed