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Summary of Community Pharmacy Management

The community pharmacy medicines management (CPMM) could be a unique point with an objective to introduce a structured intervention process into the link study between the community pharmacist, the patient and also the doc. The study is meant as a randomized controlled trial.

The primary objectives of the CPMM are :-

  1. Compare the proportion of the patients receiving appropriate treatment, as defined by currently available evidence and guidelines, between intervention and control groups at baseline and follow up.
  2. Quantity “Health gain” by describing the change in patients overall health status after the intervention as defined by standard measures, both general and condition specific.
  3. Conduct an economic evaluation of the medicines management intervention (including estimates of drug cost changes).

The secondary objectives are to :-
  1. Describe the opinions of the stakeholders (patients, general practitioners and their staff and community pharmacists) of medicines management before and after its introduction.
  2. Describe the role of over the counter (OTC) medicines within the overall patient management of this condition.

Function of materials management :-
  1. Procurement of raw materials and other inputs required for production.
  2. Maintaining stores and stock levels.
  3. Receiving and issuing of the materials.
  4. Transportation and material handling. 
  5. Disposal of scrap and surplus material.

Legal requirements in purchasing :-
Law of contract, an agreement between to or more persons during business transaction. There must be lawful proposal by one party and lawful acceptance by the opposite party. So two parties can enter into the agreement. the shape of agreement is also oral or within the type of writing.

Legal requirements involved in payment of price :-
There are three legal aspects involved within the payment of price: the customer must pay the due amount in time. If the client fails to examine the goods within the reasonable time and be told whether all the things are in good condition and whether or not they confirm with their terms and conditions.

Legal requirements in pricing of bulk drugs :-

The drug control order, 1987 authorities the central Government to repair the maximum sale price of the majority drugs. While fixing prices of bulk drugs, the following points should be taken into consideration :-
  1. A past instrument of 14% on net worth.
  2. A return of twenty-two on capital employed.
  3. An inside return of 12% supported long run marginal costing in respect of new plant.