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Summary of Health Screening Service

Health is securely placed atop the invaluable hierarchy and that we all know the explanation why! Once health is lost, we become a burden to ourselves, to those around and to the society at large. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to safe guard our health.

Health screening together with a healthy diet and exercise, is important for maintaining physiological state and a better quality of life. Health screening and timely or regular testing is significant for detecting tell-tale signs of sickness, for providing the required impetus to grasp one’s health and make changes whenever necessary.

Screening - Cancer
Cancer could be a disease that's eating its way steadily into the material of contemporary society. Most cancers are sporadic and a few of them are life style- induced. 10% of them display a familial pattern of inheritance.

Cancer can actually be considered a multi-factorial disease with a mixture of genes and environment playing a task as its causative factors.

Let’s take a glance at how the subsequent cancers are often screened:

a) carcinoma - this can be a standard cancer among women. Those with a case history of BC should screen for mutant BRCA. Even otherwise, those above the age of 45 years would take pleasure in a mammogram which is that the routine test accustomed screen carcinoma

b) adenocarcinoma - This cancer may be a common reason for mortality among men. Prostate specific antigen (PSA) assay and digital rectal examination is also disbursed for men between the ages of 50-70 years. For those with a case history the exam must be administered by 45 years.

c) Cervical cancer - cervical smear test may be a cervical cancer test recommended for all sexually active women. Routine Pap smear test has helped to dramatically lower the incidence of cervical cancer.

d) Kidney cancer - A urine test could also be disbursed to test for presence of blood. Other tests to screen for kidney cancer include blood tests, CT scan and IVP

e) Colorectal cancer - People who are at a better risk of acquiring colorectal cancer, like diabetics, must do routine screening for colorectal cancer.

Screening - Lifestyle Diseases
Lifestyle diseases like diabetes or high force per unit area are escalating at breakneck speed and it'd only be prudent on anyone’s part to be vigilant by screening regularly for these diseases.

High pressure level can even cause other ailments like kidney damage. Regular health monitoring can initiate early management; sometimes the disease can even be controlled without medications.