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Summary of Drug Distribution

Drug distribution is defined as, “Physical transfer of medicine from storage area within the hospital to the patient’s bedside”. This involves two sorts of drug distribution.
They are:-
  1. In-patient distribution
  2. Out-patient distribution

  1. The drug distribution to the in patient department may be disbursed from the out patient dispensing area.
  2. The pharmacists involved in dispensing the drugs for out patient can dispense drugs for in patients too.
  3. The pharmacist employed for drug distribution to the in patient wards should be skilled and qualified staff.

  1. Out patient refers to the patients not occupying beds in hospital or in clinics, health centers and other places where out patients usually choose health care.
  2. No medicaments should be issued without the prescription.
  3. After the problem has been made the quantities supplied must be recorded.
  4. In brief form the out patient department was called as OPD.