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Application of Computers

Computers in pharmacy are used for the data of drug data, records and files, drug management (creating, modifying, adding and deleting data in patient files to come up with reports), business details. the sphere of pharmacy is awe fully benefitted by use of computers getting and comparing the knowledge to yield an accurate study.

In field of operation like new drug discovery, drug design analysis, and manufacturing of medicine and in hospital pharmacy computers are widely used. The drug discovery, designing, manufacturing and analysis became virtually possible only through the development of upcoming various hard wares and soft wares. Receiving the main points, storing it and processing it and its dissemination is that the main role of computers and this continuous flow of data shows effective functioning of any system. 

Applications of Computers in Pharmacy
  1. Usage of computers within the retail pharmacy
  2. Computer aided design of drugs(CADD)
  3. Use of Computers in Hospital Pharmacy
  4. Data storage and retrieval
  5. System in Pharmaceutical Industry
  6. Diagnostic laboratories
  7. Computer aided learning
  8. Trial management
  9. Adverse drug events control
  10. Computers in pharmaceutical formulations
  11. Computers in Toxicology and Risk Assessment
  12. Computational modeling of drug disposition
  13. Recent development in bio computation of drug development
  14. In Research Publication
  15. Digital Libraries