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Summary of Hospital Pharmacy Services

A hospital pharmacy could be a department within a hospital that prepares, compounds, stocks and dispenses inpatient medications. Hospital pharmacies usually stock a bigger range of medicines, including more specialized and investigational medications (medicines that are being studied, but haven't yet been approved), than would be feasible within the community setting. Hospital pharmacies may dispense over-the-counter and prescription medications to outpatients.

Hospital pharmacies may provide a large quantity of medicines per day which is allocated to the wards and to medical care units consistent with a patient's medication schedule. Larger hospitals may use automated transport systems to assist within the efficient distribution of medicines.

Hospital pharmacists and trained pharmacy technicians compound sterile products for patients like total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and other medications given intravenously like neonatal antibiotics and chemotherapy. Some hospital pharmacies may outsource high-risk preparations and a few other compounding functions to companies that concentrate on compounding.