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Summary of Antineoplastic Agents

The antineoplastic agents or anticancer drugs represent an outsized and diverse class of medicines. they often have limited but important uses, and infrequently have significant hepatotoxicity.

The antineoplastic agents aren't easily classified. Historically, they're categorized as
  1. Alkylating agents,
  2. Antimetabolites,
  3. Natural products,
  4. Hormones and antagonists, and
  5. Miscellaneous.

In recent years, however, the miscellaneous group has come to incorporate a number of the foremost important agents. Anticancer agents may also be classified by indication (lymphoma, leukemia, melanoma, solid tumor), mechanism of action (such as alkylating agents, antibiotics, biological response modifiers, antiandrogens, topoisomerase inhibitors or protein kinase inhibitors), chemical structure (folic acid analog, platinum coordination complex, purine or pyrimidine analog, monoclonal antibody) or as cytotoxic or nonspecific vs noncytotoxic or targeted.