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Summary of Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy is that the study of the absorption and emission of sunshine and other radiation by matter. It involves the splitting of sunshine (or more precisely electromagnetic radiation) into its constituent wavelengths (a spectrum), which is completed in much the identical way as a prism splits light into a rainbow of colors. In fact, proportional font spectroscopy was distributed employing a prism and photographic plates.

Modern spectroscopy uses optical device to disperse light, which is then projected onto CCDs (charge-coupled devices), just like those utilized in digital cameras. The 2D spectra are easily extracted from this digital format and manipulated to provide 1D spectra that contain a powerful amount of useful data.

Recently, the definition of spectroscopy has been expanded to also include the study of the interactions between particles like electrons, protons, and ions, moreover as their interaction with other particles as a function of their collision energy.