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Summary of Prescription

  • It's an order written by a physician, dentist, veterinarian or a registered caregiver (RMP) to a pharmacist to compound and dispense a specific drug for the patient. OR
  • Prescription could be a written order for medication, issued by physician or RMP. Prescription is relationship between physician and pharmacist. Physician (RMP) Pharmacist patients

A typical prescription consists of the subsequent parts:
  1. Prescriber office information
  2. Date
  3. Patient information (Name, Age, Sex And Address Of The Patient)
  4. Superscription (symbol ℞)
  5. Inscription (Medication prescribed) - Main a part of prescription
  6. Subscription (Direction to Pharmacist/Dispenser )
  7. Signatura or Transcription (Direction for Patient)
  8. Renewal instructions
  9. Prescriber’s signature and identification number.

1.Physician (Prescriber) office Information - Information about physician is important so the patient could be contact in emergency. Following information is mentioned on the prescription i. Doctor's or office name. ii. Address with telephone number and e-mail. iii. Prescription number, (required when calling the pharmacy for a refill)
2. Date - It helps a pharmacist to search out out the date of prescribing. It also helps in know when the medicines were last dispensed if the prescription is brought for redispens. In case of habit forming drug the date prevents the misuse of the drug by the patient.

3. Patient information - (Name, Age, Sex and Address of the Patient) Name and address of the patient for identification purpose. Age and sex of the patient is required for child patient to test the prescribed dose.
4. SUPERSCRIPTION (symbol ℞) - It is represented by ℞ (Latin term) „recipe‟ which means „take thou‟ or „you take‟. In olden days, the symbol was considered to be originated from the sign of Jupiter. Jupiter is that the Greek God of healing. This symbol was use for requesting God for the short recovery of the patient.
5. INSCRIPTION (Medication prescribed) - It is the most a part of the prescription. It contains the names and quantities of the prescribed medicaments. The medicament could also be official preparation or nonofficial preparation. a.) Official preparation (i.e. from pharmacopoeia) – Only name of the preparation is written E.g. Piperazine Citrate Elixir IP b.) Nonofficial preparation- Quantity of every ingredient will incline and kind of preparation also will be given.

6. SUBSCRIPTION (Direction to Pharmacist) -
In this part the prescriber gives direction to the pharmacist.
  • Regarding the dosage form to be prepared
  • Number of doses to be dispensed.

7. RENEWAL INSTRUCTIONS - The number of times a prescription is to be repeated is written by the physician. It is vital for the case of habit forming drugs to prevent its misuse.