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Summary of Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics

The profession of pharmacy is noble in its ideals and pious in its character. except for being a career for earning livelihood it's inherent in it the attitude of service and sacrifice within the interests of the suffering humanity. In handling, selling, distributing, compounding and dispensing medical substances including poisons and potent drugs a pharmacist is, in collaboration with medical men et al, charged with the onerous responsibility of safeguarding the health of individuals. in and of itself he must uphold the interests of his patrons above all things. The lofty ideals founded by Charaka, the traditional Philosopher Physician and Pharmacist in his enunciation: “Even if your own life be at risk you ought to not betray or neglect the interests of your patients” should be fondly cherished by all Pharmacist.

Government restricts the practice of Pharmacy to those that qualify under regulatory requirements and grant them privileges necessarily denied to others. reciprocally Government expects the Pharmacist to acknowledge his responsibilities and to fulfil his professional obligations honourably and with due regard for the wellbeing of Society.

Standards of professional conduct for pharmacy are necessary within the public interest to ensure an efficient pharmaceutical service. Every pharmacist shouldn't only be willing to play his part in giving such a service but should also avoid any act or omission which might prejudice the giving of the services or impair confidence in any respect for pharmacists as a body.