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Summary of Monophasic Dosage Form

  1. Gargles are aqueous solutions used for treating throat infection ( pharynx and nasopharynx part )
  2. Frequently containing antiseptics, antibiotics and/or anesthetics
  3. Supplied in concentrated forms with directions of dilution with warm water before use
  4. Gargles are used by forcing the air from lungs through gargles which ids held up in throat.
  5. Gargles are highly Medicated than Mouth washes.
  6. Gargles are pleasantly flavored and 5-9.5 pH appear to be safe.
  7. Some therapeutic agents used in gargles are antibiotics, antiseptics , local anesthetics, Anti-inflammatory, Antifungal, Analgesic, Deodorants and Astringents.
  8.  Examples: Phenol gargles Potassium chlorate and phenol gargles Thymol glycerin compound

  1. Mouth washes are aqueous solution used to cleanse and deodorize the buccal cavity.
  2. Mouth washes used for its deodorants, refreshing or antiseptic property.
  3. Mouth washes generally contain antibiotic agents or astringent Mouth washes contain alcohol, glycerin, sweeteners and surfactants, Flavouring and coloring agents.
  4. Examples - Alkaline phenol mouth wash
  5. Hydrogen peroxide mouth wash
  6. Buffer sodium perborate mouth wash
  7. Compound sod. Chloride mouth wash
  8. Container : Glass bottle closed with plastic screw cap.

  1. Paints are solution applied to skin. They may be aqueous or alcoholic solutions are sometimes prepared with collodion basis-volatile solvent, that evaporates and leaves dry or resinous film of medicament.
  2. Paints contain-antiseptics, astringents, caustics, analgesic substances.

  1. “Lotion are liquid preparations intended for external application or for special use.
  2. Lotion may be aqueous or alcoholic solution or suspension referred as SHAKE LOTION.
  3. In aqueous or alcoholic solution, the main ingredients are salts.
  4. Alcohol causes defatting, countered by addition of castor oil.
  5. Sometimes salt dissolved in water- aqueous solution, termed as EYE-LOTION, meant for eyes.

  1. “Liniments are fluid, semi-fluid or occasionally semisolid preparations intended for external application.”
  2. They may be alcoholic or oily solution or emulsion.
  3. Liniments containing substances have following properties -:
    1.  Analgesic
    2. Rubefacient
    3. Counter
    4. Irritants
    5. Soothing
    6. Stimulating
  4. In case of monophasic (solution) liniments, two types of solvents are used. 
    1. Alcohol - Soap liniments - Aconite liniments.
    2. Oil - Camphor Liniments - Methyl Liniments.

  1. Collodions are fluid- prepared for external use.
  2. They are applied by brush, rod or applicator.
  3. The base is Pyrocillin (Nitro Cellulose) in a volatile solvents.
  4. The volatile vehicle evaporates leaving a flexible, protective film covering the site.
  5. The volatile vehicles are ether, alcohol and acetone.
  6. Flexibility to film given by castor oil.
  7. Pyrocillin is highly inflammable so it is kept moist with industrial methylated spirit, stored loosely packed, protect from light in a cool place.