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Summary of Herbal Formulation

Herbal medicines are popular as remedies for diseases by overwhelming majority of world's population. Polyhedral preparations are products from medicinal plants. These are considered as safe since they're natural products. Herbal formulations which have reached widespread acceptability as therapeutic agents in India include nootropics, antidiabetics, hepatoprotective agents and lipid lowering agents.

Pharmacological effects of the many plants are studied in various laboratories in India. However, there are many limitations regarding safety and efficacy of those preparations. Knowledge about active principles of herbal preparations aren't well defined, information on toxicity and adverse effects of those formulations are lacking.

Information regarding pharmacokinetics and bioavailability isn't available. Packet inserts providing details regarding safety, and warning don't seem to be required available of those which are available as over the counter preparations. the chance of untested and unregulated remedies should be known to the lay public.

Selection of stuff supported quality, standardization of methods of preparation, enforcement of regulation regarding appropriate labels, are measures which can improve the standard and acceptability of herbal preparations as therapeutic agents. Documentation of research publications in journals and availability of knowledge on website, are other measures to help research during this field.