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Summary of Adulteration of Crude Drugs :-

A treatise published two centuries ago (in 1820) on adulterations in food and culinary materials may be a proof for this practice as an age-old one. because of adulteration, faith in herbal drugs has declined. Adulteration in market samples is one amongst the best drawbacks in promotion of herbal products. Many researchers have contributed in checking adulterations and authenticating them. it's invariably found that the adverse event reports don't seem to be because of the intended herb, but rather thanks to the presence of an unintended herb. Medicinal plant dealers have discovered the ‘scientific’ methods in creating adulteration of such a prime quality that without microscopic and analysis, it's very difficult to trace these adulterations.

Definition: The term adulteration is defined as substituting original crude drug partially or wholly with other similar-looking substances. The substance, which is mixed, is free from or inferior in chemical and therapeutic property.

Types of Adulterants :-
Adulteration in simple terms is debasement of a piece. The motives for intentional adulteration are normally commercial and are originated mainly with the intension of enhancement of profits. a number of the explanations that may be cited here are scarcity of drug and its high price prevailing in market. The adulteration is finished deliberately, but it's going to occur accidentally in some cases. Adulteration involves different conditions like deterioration, admixture, sophistication, substitution, inferiority and spoilage. Deterioration is impairment within the quality of drug, whereas admixture is addition of 1 article to a different because of ignorance or carelessness or accidentally. Sophistication is that the intentional or deliberate kind of adulteration. Substitution occurs when a completely different substance is added in situ of original drug. Inferiority refers to any substandard drug, and spoilage is because of the attack of microorganisms.

1. Unintentional Adulteration :-
Unintentional adulteration is also because of the subsequent reasons :-
  1. Confusion in vernacular names between indigenous systems of medication and native dialects
  2. Lack of data about the authentic plant
  3. Non availability of the authentic plant
  4. Similarity in morphology and or aroma
  5. Careless collection
  6. Other unknown reasons

2. Intentional Adulteration :-
Intentional adulteration is also thanks to the subsequent reasons :-
  1. Adulteration using manufactured substances
  2. Substitution using inferior commercial varieties
  3. Substitution using exhausted drugs
  4. Substitution of superficially similar inferior natural substances
  5. Adulteration using the vegetative a part of the identical plant
  6. Addition of toxic materials
  7. Adulteration of powders
  8. Addition of synthetic principles

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