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Summary of Pharmacognosy :-

1. Introduction
The word pharmacognosy consists of two Greek words, which mean drug and knowledge. during this field of science, researcher deals with the secondary metabolites found in many plants, animals, and microbial natural sources, for instance, plant leaves, seeds, fruits, stem, roots, rhizosphere, herbs, spices, fungus, algae, corals, star fishes, jelly fishes, sponges, echinoderm, sea urchins, sea weeds, snakes venom, frogs skin, cockroaches, and lots of more.

2. Historical development
The history of herbal medication is as recent as human civilization. Herbal medicines, because the major remedy in ancient system of medication, are employed in medical practices since antiquity.

The early medicines of Pharaohs (3000 BC), the Greek (460–370 BC; Hippocratis), the Roman (37 BC; Disoscorides, a Greek physician of the primary century AD was the author of the primary medical specialty (78 AD). They described 600 medicinal plants and people of Middle Ages exemplified by the Arab Physicians (Rhazes 865–925; Avicenna 980–1037) relied mainly on plants for therapy.

India has renowned for practicing classical medicinal systems such as: Siddha, Buddha, Ayurveda, and Unani methods of medication and treatment. These medicinal systems are found even within the ancient Vedas and other ancient literatures and scriptures. The Ayurveda concept appeared and grew up between 500 and 2500 BC in India. The authentic meaning of Ayurveda is “science of life,” because ancient Indian system of health care focused on views of human and their sickness. it's been recognized that the positive health means metabolically well-balanced groups of people.

3. Scope of pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
Pharmacognosy has always been a field of multidisciplinary science, and through the expansion of the orbit of this area, phytochemistry, phytomedicine, and phytochemical analysis became important parts of this field.

Molecular biology field has become a particularly important area for medicinal plant drug discovery analysis through the determination and application of convenient screening assays directed physiologically related molecular targets, and modern pharmacognosy encapsulates all of those relevant new research areas into a definite interdisciplinary natural product science.

The insistence and focus of research in pharmacognosy have alternated very significantly, from specializing in isolation and structure elucidation of medication, including the knowledge of active constituents, together with their biological activity in addition as structure activity relationship (SAR) studies. Advanced researches within the field of ethno biomedicine, ethnobotany, and ethno pharmacology has also become a necessary element within the orbit of pharmacognosy. Pharmacognosy deals a vital association between medicinal chemistry and pharmacological studies