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Summary of Drug Acting on Blood :-


Anemia will be treated pharmacologically by providing components needed for RBC production, including hemoglobin synthesis, and by stimulating bone marrow formation of RBCs.

Vitamin B12 is crucial for DNA synthesis. Deficiency causes inhibited nuclear maturation and division. RBC maturation arrest within the bone marrow results in megaloblastic or anemia. B complex, a porphyrin -like compound consisting of a hoop structure that contains centrally located cobalt, comes from the diet and microbial synthesis within the gastrointestinal tract. However, aside from ruminants, microbial production occurs within the gut, from which B isn't readily absorbed. Dietary deficiency of B12 is rare; deficiency usually results from poor absorption from the canal.

Vitamin B12 absorption is complex and depends on gastric acid, pepsin, and factor secreted from gastric parietal cells or duct cells. factor binds to and protects vitamin B from digestion. during this form, B12 binds to highly specific receptor sites within the brush border of the ileum, where it enters enterocytes by pinocytosis. Interference with its absorption within the ileum ends up in continuous depletion, although many months of defective absorption are necessary before deficiency develops. vitamin B complex is bound within the plasma to transcobalamin. it's stored in large quantities within the liver and slowly as needed. it's excreted into the bile but undergoes enterohepatic cycling.