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Summary of Drug Acting on Kidney :-

An antidiuretic could be a substance that helps the body retains water. It prevents the kidneys and bladder from removing and eliminating water from the body too quickly. Antidiuretic medicines are accustomed treat bed-wetting, incontinence and similar conditions. - These are drugs that reduce urine volume, particularly in diabetes (DI).

Difference between DM and Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus - Diabetes Mellitus It is characterized by hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level), glycosuria (glucose in urine), polyuria (increased volume of urine because of the osmotic effect of glucose), polydipsia (excessive thirst), polyphagia (excessive appetite). it's because of the hypo secretion of insulin or lack of insulin. It is of two types:‐ Diabetes Type I and Diabetes Type II.

Diabetes Type I (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, IDDM) : It is cased due to deficient insulin production by pancreas because either beta cells of islets of Langerhans don't seem to be able to produce insulin or beta cells are absent.

Diabetes Type II (Insulin Independent or Non-Insulin Dependent DM, NIDDM) : It is an inherited recessive autosomal disorder appearing after the age of 40 years during which the cells fail to require up insulin from blood. It results in deficient passage of glucose form blood into the cell surfaces for storage or for direct consumption. it should occur because of defective insulin receptors over cell surfaces or abnormality on plasma protein amylin. The phenomenon is called insulin resistance. This type of DM accounts for 80‐90% of all cases of diabetes. it's kept in restraint by administration of insulin in case of insulin dependent diabetes and hypoglycemic just in case of insulin independent diabetes. Sugar free diet may be a pre requisite in both the cases