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Summary of Chemotherapy

  • Chemotherapy could be a cancer treatment where medicine is employed to kill cancer cells.
  • There are many alternative styles of chemotherapy medicine, but all of them add an analogous way.
  • They stop cancer cells reproducing, which prevents them from growing and spreading within the body.

When chemotherapy is employed

Chemotherapy is also used if cancer has spread or there is a risk it'll.
It are often used to :-
  1. try to cure the cancer completely (curative chemotherapy)
  2. make other treatments more practical – for instance, it is combined with radiotherapy (chemo radiation) or used before surgery (neo-adjuvant chemotherapy)
  3. reduce the danger of the cancer returning after radiotherapy or surgery (adjuvant chemotherapy)
  4. relieve symptoms if a cure isn't possible (palliative chemotherapy)

The effectiveness of chemotherapy varies significantly. Ask your doctors about the probabilities of treatment being successful for you.