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 Create Date  July 13, 2022
 Update Date  July 13, 2022
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Summary of The Dynamic Cell

The Dynamic Cell could be a CD-ROM program intended as a resource for college students and instructors of molecular and cellular biology. The content of the program is oriented exclusively toward basic science and includes no clinical correlations. It approaches the extent, though not the scope of, the textbooks, biology of the Cell and Molecular Cell Biology. The latter text, incidentally, comes with a CD-ROM of animations, video clips, quiz questions, and other resources.

The content of Dynamic Cell is organized into five main topic areas (deep cytosol, apical membrane, basal membrane, nucleus, and extracellular matrix), provided as animated three-dimensional (3-D) scenes. for every of the five main scenes, a stripping function allows the user to get rid of successive layers and gain access to underlying structures. because the cursor is moved over structures during a scene, identifying labels appear. Clicking on a structure opens a menu of relevant topics, each of which opens a pop-up window. There are 130 pop-up windows in total. Each includes an illustration and scrollable text similarly as buttons that turn figure labels and captions on or off (default is off), a back button that enables retracing of one's steps, and a print button.