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Syllabus of Unit 5 :-

Drug stability : Reaction kinetics: zero, pseudo-zero, first & second order, units of basic rate constants, determination of reaction order. Physical and chemical factors influencing the chemical degradation of pharmaceutical product: temperature, solvent, ionic strength, dielectric constant, specific & general acid base catalysis, Simple numerical problems. Stabilization of medicinal agents against common reactions like hydrolysis & oxidation. Accelerated stability testing in expiration dating of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Photolytic degradation and its prevention.

1. Drug Stability

The term drug stability refers to the extent to which a drug substance or product retains, within specified limits and throughout its period of storage and use, the identical properties and characteristics that it possessed at the time of its manufacture. the kind of stability is usually divided into chemical, physical, microbiological, therapeutic, and toxicological.

2. Photolytic Degradation

Photolytic Degradation is defined as any change or alteration on the most chemical constituent of a drug, food, paints, dyes, inks, pesticides, etc., thanks to light or Photon particles. The term photolytic Degradation is coined because of the action of Sunlight and air on a product, causing both oxidation and hydrolysis. within the article, we'll be introduced to various factors causing photolytic Degradation. Furthermore, the assorted consequences of photolytic degradation are recognized. The article also explains the mechanism of photolytic Degradation. Besides, you may know the various methods by which you'll be able to protect a chemical from being degraded thanks to light and photon particles. 

Factors Causing Photolytic Degradation - There are certain factors that are answerable for photolytic Degradation. These factors are essential to see the degradation rate because of light.

This factor includes :-
  1. Introduced of chemical group into the chemical constituent of the compound.
  2. Introduction of any unsaturated Bond within the chemical constituent of the compound.
  3. Use of any catalytic Residue is capable enough to affect the photolytic Degradation.
  4. Use of solvent catalyst or any additives can easily affect the chemical constituent and photolytic degradation of a compound.
  5. Introduction of traces of metal like iron, Nickel or chromium and their oxide can affect the chemical constituent and photolytic degradation of a moiety.
  6. Use of hydro peroxide prevents the compound from getting degraded from light or Photon particles.
  7. Light and Photon particles have a tricky time degrading compounds gathered from a unclean or smoggy environment.