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Syllabus of Inorganic Chemistry

  • Impurities in pharmaceutical substances : History of Pharmacopoeia, Sources and types of impurities, principle involved in the limit test for Chloride, Sulphate, Iron, Arsenic, Lead and Heavy metals, modified limit test for Chloride and Sulphate
  • General methods of preparation, assay for the compounds superscripted with asterisk (*), properties and medicinal uses of inorganic compounds belonging to the following classes

  • Acids, Bases and Buffers : Buffer equations and buffer capacity in general, buffers in pharmaceutical systems, preparation, stability, buffered isotonic solutions, measurements of tonicity, calculations and methods of adjusting isotonicity.
  • Major extra and intracellular electrolytes : Functions of major physiological ions, Electrolytes used in the replacement therapy: Sodium chloride*, Potassium chloride, Calcium gluconate* and Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS), Physiological acid base balance.
  • Dental products : Dentifrices, role of fluoride in the treatment of dental caries, Desensitizing agents, Calcium carbonate, Sodium fluoride, and Zinc eugenol cement.

  • Gastrointestinal agents
    • Acidifiers : Ammonium chloride* and Dil. HCl
    • Antacid : Ideal properties of antacids, combinations of antacids, Sodium Bicarbonate*, Aluminum hydroxide gel, Magnesium hydroxide mixture
    • Cathartics : Magnesium sulphate, Sodium orthophosphate, Kaolin and Bentonite
    • Antimicrobials : Mechanism, classification, Potassium permanganate, Boric acid, Hydrogen peroxide*, Chlorinated lime*, Iodine and its preparations

  • Miscellaneous compounds
    • Expectorants : Potassium iodide, Ammonium chloride*.
    • Emetics : Copper sulphate*, Sodium potassium tartarate
    • Haematinics : Ferrous sulphate*, Ferrous gluconate
    • Poison and Antidote : Sodium thiosulphate*, Activated charcoal, Sodium nitrite333
    • Astringents : Zinc Sulphate, Potash Alum

  • Radiopharmaceuticals : Radio activity, Measurement of radioactivity, Properties of α, β, γ radiations, Half life, radio isotopes and study of radio isotopes - Sodium iodide I131 , Storage conditions, precautions & pharmaceutical application of radioactive substances.