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Summary of Remedial Mathematics

  • Partial fraction
    • Introduction, Polynomial, Rational fractions, Proper and Improper fractions, Partial fraction , Resolving into Partial fraction, Application of Partial Fraction in Chemical Kinetics and Pharmacokinetics
  • Logarithms
    • Introduction, Definition, Theorems/Properties of logarithms, Common logarithms, Characteristic and Mantissa, worked examples, application of logarithm to solve pharmaceutical problems.
  • Function
    • Real Valued function, Classification of real valued functions
  • Limits and continuity
    • Introduction , Limit of a function, Definition of limit of a function

  • Matrices and Determinant
    • Introduction matrices, Types of matrices, Operation on matrices, Transpose of a matrix, Matrix Multiplication, Determinants, Properties of determinants , Product of determinants, Minors and co-Factors, Adjoint or adjugate of a square matrix , Singular and non-singular matrices, Inverse of a matrix, Solution of system of linear of equations using matrix method, Cramer’s rule, Characteristic equation and roots of a square matrix, Cayley–Hamilton theorem,Applicationof Matrices in solving Pharmacokinetic equations

  • Calculus
    • Differentiation : Introductions, Derivative of a function, Derivative of a constant, Derivative of a product of a constant and a function , Derivative of the sum or difference of two functions, Derivative of the product of two functions (product formula), Derivative of the quotient of two functions (Quotient formula)

  • Analytical Geometry
    • Introduction : Signs of the Coordinates, Distance formula,
    • Straight Line : Slope or gradient of a straight line, Conditions for parallelism and perpendicularity of two lines, Slope of a line joining two points, Slope – intercept form of a straight line
    • Integration : Introduction, Definition, Standard formulae, Rules of integration , Method of substitution, Method of Partial fractions, Integration by parts, definite integrals, application

  • Differential Equations : Some basic definitions, Order and degree, Equations in separable form , Homogeneous equations, Linear Differential equations, Exact equations, Application in solving Pharmacokinetic equations
  • Laplace Transform : Introduction, Definition, Properties of Laplace transform, Laplace Transforms of elementary functions, Inverse Laplace transforms, Laplace transform of derivatives, Application to solve Linear differential equations, Application in solving Chemical kinetics and Pharmacokinetics equations