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Industrial Pharmacy I is the subject of B. Pharmacy Vth Semester. In this blog, Industrial Pharmacy I Important Questions is provided which will help the students to do better in their examination and score the better marks.

Industrial pharmacy is a discipline which includes manufacturing, development, marketing and distribution of drug products including quality assurance of these activities.

Industrial Pharmacy I Important Questions

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💡 Table of Content
  1. Industrial Pharmacy I Imp, Ques [ Unit 1 ]
  2. Industrial Pharmacy I Imp. Ques [ Unit 2 ]
  3. Industrial Pharmacy I Imp. Ques [ Unit 3 ]
  4. Industrial Pharmacy I Imp. Ques [ Unit 4 ]
  5. Industrial Pharmacy I Imp. Ques [ Unit 5 ]
  6. Industrial Pharmacy I Imp. Ques [ Unit 6 ]

Industrial Pharmacy I Important Questions [ Unit 1 ]

Ques.1 Discuss in detail About Pre-Formulation Studies. [OR] What are goal and objective of pre-formulation studies ? What is the significance of the following in pre-formulation studies.
  • Particle Size
  • Polymorphism
  • Flow Property
  • pka and pH

Ques.2 Write a short note on BCS classification.

Industrial Pharmacy I Important Questions [ Unit 2 ]

Ques.1 Discuss in details about preparation, production, manufacturing, formulation of tablets.
Ques.2 Discuss in details about quality control test or tablet evaluation parameter.
Ques.3 Discuss about machines used in formulation of tablets.
Ques.4 Discuss about tablet coating (sugar/film) and how it is beneficial.
Ques.5 Explain the formulation of liquid orals with special reference to :- 
  • Elixirs
  • Suspension

Industrial Pharmacy I Important Questions [ Unit 3 ]

Ques.1 Write about production of hard gelatin capsules shells and also its process of filling.
Ques.2 Discuss about equipment used for process of filling the gelatin capsules.
Ques.3 Define Capsules and their types - Hard and Soft and also their advantage and disadvantages,
Ques.4 Write a note on production of soft gelatin capsules.
Ques.5 Write a note on pillarization process.

Industrial Pharmacy I Important Questions [ Unit 4 ]

Ques.1 Discuss in details about production of parenteral products :- Procedure.
Ques.2 Parenteral products :- 
  • Selection criteria for containers and closures
  • Different excipient used in formulation.

Ques.3 Define and classify different types of parenteral products.
Ques.4 Formulation of Eye Lotion.
Ques.5 Quality control test of parenteral products.

Industrial Pharmacy I Important Questions [ Unit 5 ]

Ques.1 Define Aerosol and its type. Write about formulation and components of aerosols and its quality control test.
Ques.2 Discuss about materials used in packaging of pharmaceutical products with special reference to Glass.
Ques.3 Write formulation and preparation :- 
  • Lipstick
  • Vanishing Cream/Cold Cream 
  • Tooth Pastes

Industrial Pharmacy I Important Questions [ Very Short ]

Ques.1 Define pre-formulation and its objectives.
Ques.2 Define polymorphism with suitable example.
Ques.3 Define Racemization.
Ques.4 What are various nor-pharmacopoeia test conducted for evaluation of tablets.
Ques.5 Define Polymerization. 
Ques.6 Classify physiochemical properties.
Ques.7 Define partition coefficient in pre-formulation.
Ques.8 Define BCS classification with examples.
Ques.9 Difference between pH and pka.
Ques.10 Why crystalline drugs are more stable than amorphous.
Ques.11 Write Henderson Hesselbatch Equation.
Ques.12 Define Tablets.
Ques.13 Write ideal characteristics of tablets.
Ques.14 Draw a labelled diagram of slugging machines.
Ques.15 What are crystal bridging during wet granulation.
Ques.16 Examples of two enteric coating polymer material.
Ques.17 Write about Disintegration apparatus. 
Ques.18 What is the role of binder in manufacture tablets.
Ques.19 Define direct compression methods.
Ques.20 Define excipient with examples.
Ques.21 Define tablet coating and its significance.
Ques.22 Define :-
  • Capping and lamination
  • Picking and Sticking

Ques.23 Define :- 
  • Elixirs
  • Syrups
  • Suspension
  • Emulsion

Ques.24 Define Lyophilization.
Ques.25 Difference between I.P. syrup and U.S.P. syrup.
Ques.26 Define Capsule and difference between gelatin A and B.
Ques.27 Difference between soft and hard gelatin capsules and write one advantage of soft gelatin capsules over hard gelatin capsules.
Ques.28 What are the various sizes of capsules available for human use.
Ques.29 Define pellets and pillarization process. 
Ques.30 Define parenteral products and its advantages.
Ques.31 What is isotonicity ? Give its significance in parenteral formulation.
Ques.32 What do you mean by bloom strength. 
Ques.33 Define Aseptic processing.
Ques.34 What are WFI and sterile WFI, how they are different ? 
Ques.35 What is Vapour tap and how it is significant.
Ques.36 Define Ampoules and Vials.
Ques.37 Define ophthalmic preparation with examples.
Ques.38 Name all type of glass used in pharmaceuticals packaging.
Ques.39 Define Aerosol Valve and write their various parts.
Ques.40 Define propellants and their function in aerosol system. 
Ques.41 Define flame extension test.
Ques.42 Define metered dose inhalers. 
Ques.43 Define Base adsorption.
Ques.44 Material of construction of dip tube and gasket in aerosols.
Ques.45 Define tamper evident packaging.
Ques.46 Write uses of :- 
  • Cold Cream
  • Vanishing Cream