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Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence is the subject of B. Pharmacy Vth Semester. In this blog, Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Important Questions is provided which will help the students to do better in their examination and score the better marks.

The word jurisprudence derives from the Latin term juris prudential, which means "the study, knowledge, or science of law." In the United States jurisprudence commonly means the philosophy of law.

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Important Questions

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Important Questions [ Unit 1 to Unit 5 ]

Ques.1 What are main objective of drug and cosmetic act ?
Ques.2 Define the terms :- 
  • Misbranded Drugs
  • Adulterated Drugs
  • Patent or proprietary drugs
  • Cosmetics.

Ques.3 Define the spurious drug.
Ques.4 Define the term New Drug.
Ques.5 Define the term :-
  • Loan License
  • Repacking License

Ques.6 Define DMR.
Ques.7 Define the :-
  • Schedule M 
  • Schedule H
  • Schedule N
  • Schedule X
  • Schedule T
  • Schedule Y 

Ques.8 What are controlling authority ?
Ques.9 Define "Whole Sale" and "Retail Sale".
Ques.10 Mention the classes of drugs whose sale is prohibited.
Ques.11 Define DTAB, DI with functions.
Ques.12 What do you mean by jurisprudence.
Ques.13 What do you mean by import of drugs.
Ques.14 Define Restricted License.
Ques.15 Define :- 
  • CDL 
  • DLC
  • Government Analyst

Ques.16 Write the objectives of pharmacy act 1948.
Ques.17 Give two function of PCI.
Ques.18 Define Education Regulation.
Ques.19 Define Registered Pharmacist.
Ques.20 Define joint state pharmacy council.
Ques.21 Define :- 
  • First Register 
  • Subsequent Register
  • Removal Register

Ques.22 Define Central Register.
Ques.23 Write objectives of Medicinal and Toilet Preparation.
Ques.24 Define the Narcotics Drugs.
Ques.25 Define Bonded and Non-Bonded manufacturing/laboratory.
Ques.26 Define the term "Absolute alcohol" and "Denatured Alcohol".
Ques.27 What are patent and proprietary medicines.
Ques.28 Define Medicinal Cannabis.
Ques.29 Define Coca Leaf.
Ques.30 Define prepared opium.
Ques.31 Define Psychotropic Substance.
Ques.32 Define Illicit Traffic.
Ques.33 Write objectives of narcotics drugs and psychotropic substance act-1985.
Ques.34 Officers that come under this NDDS Act - 1985.
Ques.35 Write drugs and magic remedies.
Ques.36 Write objectives of Drugs and Magic Remedies Act.
Ques.37 Define Magic Remedies.
Ques.38 What are Advertisements.
Ques.39 Write objectives of prevention of cruelty to Animal Act - 1960.
Ques.40 Define Breeder.
Ques.41 Define IAEC.
Ques.42 Define CPCSEA.
Ques.43 Define NLEM.
Ques.44 Write objectives of DPCO-2013.
Ques.45 Formula used to calculate the retail price of formulation.
Ques.46 Write the objective of Right to Information Act.
Ques.47 What is Pharmaceutical Legislation.
Ques.48 Define Hathi Committee.
Ques.49 Mudaliar Committee.
Ques.50 Write code of pharmaceutical ethics.
Ques.51 Objectives of medical termination of pregnancy act.
Ques.52 Define Intellectual Property Right. (IPR)
Ques.53 Write about Registered Pharmacist.
Ques.54 Write about Medical Practioner.
Ques.55 What is Schedule G.
Ques.56 Define Spurious Drugs.
Ques.57 What is Schedule M ?
Ques.58 Write the function of Drug Inspector.
Ques.59 Define Adulterated Drugs.