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Pharmaceutical Engineering is the subject of B. Pharmacy IIIrd Semester. In this blog, Pharmaceutical Engineering Important Questions is provided which will help the students to do better in their examination and score the better marks.

Pharmaceutical engineering is a branch of engineering focused on discovering, formulating, and manufacturing medication, analytical and quality control processes, and on designing, building, and improving manufacturing sites that produce drugs.

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Pharmaceutical Engineering Important Questions [ Unit 1 ]

Ques.1 Describe in details about Reynolds number ( Reynolds experiment, Flow Pattern, Application, Significance ).
Ques.2 State and derive Bernoulli's Theorem. [ Answer ]
Ques.3 Write the principle and working of Manometer. [ Answer ]
Ques.4 Write principle, construction and working of venturimeter. [ Answer ]
Ques.5 Write a note on various law governing size reduction. [ Answer ]
Ques.6 Describe in details about Fluid Energy Mill. [ Answer ]
Ques.7 Describe in details about Ball Mill. [OR] Write a descriptive note on mills based on the principle of impact and attrition. [ Answer ]
Ques.8 Describe in details about sieve shaker for size separation. [ Answer ]
Ques.9 Write a short note on official standards of powders or sieve sizes. [ Answer ]
Ques.10 Write short note on elutriation tank. [ Answer ]

Pharmaceutical Engineering Important Questions [ Unit 2 ]

Ques.1 What is fourier's law ? Write in details.
Ques.2 Describe in details about the Heat Exchanger.
Ques.3 Write short note on mechanism of Heat Transfer.
Ques.4 Write down the principle, Construction and Working of Climbing Film Evaporator.
Ques.5 Write in details about Multiple Effect Evaporation.
Ques.6 Write short note on :-
  • Factor Influencing evaporation
  • Difference between evaporation and other heat process

Ques.7 Write short note on :- 
  • Horizontal Tube Evaporator
  • Forced Circulation Evaporator

Ques.8 Describe in details about :- 
  • Steam Distillation
  • Molecular Distillation
  • Fractional Distillation
  • Distillation under reduced pressure

Pharmaceutical Engineering Important Questions [ Unit 3 ]

Ques.1 Write a note on mechanism and theories of drying.
Ques.2 Write a short note on Rate of drying curve.
Ques.3 Describe in detail about :- 
  • Fluidized Bed Dryer
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Tray Dryer
  • Spray Dryer

Ques.4 Describe in details about factor affecting mixing process.
Ques.5 Explain in details about :- 
  • Twin Shell and Double cone bladder
  • Sigma blade mixer
  • Planetary mixer
  • Silverson emulsifier

Pharmaceutical Engineering Important Questions [ Unit 4 ]

Ques.1 Write a note on theories of filtration.
Ques.2 Write a note on factor affecting rate of filtration.
Ques.3 Write down the principle, construction, working and uses about filter leaf.
Ques.4 Write in details about :- 
  • Plate and frame filter
  • Rotary Drum Filter
  • Cartridge Filter

Ques.5 Describe principle, construction and working of perforated basket centrifuge. 
Ques.6 Describe principle, construction and working of supercentrifuge.

Pharmaceutical Engineering Important Questions [ Unit 5 ]

Ques.1 Write a details note on Corrosion :-
  • Theories of corrosion
  • Types of corrosion

Ques.2 Describe the various factor affecting selection of material for construction.
Ques.3 Write a short note on :- 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass
  • Rubber

Pharmaceutical Engineering Important Questions [ Very Short ] 

Ques.1 Define the following :- 
  • Fluids
  • Size Reduction
  • Size Separation
  • Evaporation
  • Distillation
  • Drying
  • Mixing
  • Filtration
  • Centrifugation
  • Corrosion

Ques.2 Write short note on :- 
  • Manometer
  • Comminution
  • Conduction
  • Darcy Law
  • Equilibrium Moisture Content
  • Centrifugal Effect
  • Physical factors while selecting a material for plant construction.

Ques.3 Define the following :- 
  • Clarification
  • Uses of Ball Mill
  • Filter Aid with Example
  • Attrition
  • Nominal Size of aperture in sieve
  • Flash Distillation
  • Free Moisture Content

Ques.4 Differentiate between fluid statics and fluid dynamics.
Ques.5 Define attrition and impact.
Ques.6 Define moderately fine powder according to I.P.
Ques.7 What is difference between sedimentation and elutriation.
Ques.8 How evaporation differ from drying and distillation.
Ques.9 Write the principle of steam distillation.
Ques.10 Difference between dry and wet corrosion.
Ques.11 Difference between mixing and blending.
Ques.12 What do you understand by dead spot in solid mixing.
Ques.13 Express the mechanism of impingement and entanglement.
Ques.14 What is meant by under driven and over driven assembly.
Ques.15 Define Poiseiulle's Equation.