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Pharmaceutical Microbiology is the subject of B. Pharmacy IIIrd Semester. In this blog, Pharmaceutical Microbiology Important Questions is provided which will help the students to do better in their examination and score the better marks.  

Pharmaceutical Microbiology involves the study of the specific microorganisms associated with the development, scale-up, and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and the subsequent minimizing or elimination of the number of microorganisms in a process environment.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Important Questions

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💡 Table of Content
  1. PH Microbiology Important Ques [ Unit 1 ]
  2. PH Microbiology Important Ques [ Unit 2 ]
  3. PH Microbiology Important Ques [ Unit 3 ]
  4. PH Microbiology Important Ques [ Unit 4 ]
  5. PH Microbiology Important Ques [ Unit 5 ]
  6. PH Microbiology Important Ques [ Very Short ]

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Important Questions [ Unit 1 ]

Ques.1 Write the history and scope of microbiology.
Ques.2 Differentiate between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.
Ques.3 Write in details about isolation of pure cultures.
Ques.4 Describe the structure of bacteria in details with the help of diagram.
Ques.5 Write a note on principle and application of Electron Microscopy.
Ques.6 Write a note on principle and application of Phase Contrast Microscopy.
Ques.7 Write a note on Growth Curve.
Ques.8 Factor affecting bacterial growth and measurement of bacterial growth [total and viable count].
Ques.9 Describe in detail about culture media.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Important Questions [ Unit 2 ]

Ques.1 Write in details about staining :-
  • Simple staining 
  • Gram Staining 
  • Acid Fast Staining

Ques.2 What is sterilization ? What are various methods of sterilization. Describe in details. [OR]
Describe the process of sterilization by autoclaving. [OR]
Different between Dry and Moist Heat Sterilization.

Ques.3 Different between Gram Positive and Gram Negative staining.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Important Questions [ Unit 3 ]

Ques.1 Write in details about Virus and Fungi :- 
  • Morphology
  • Classification
  • Reproduction/Replication
  • Cultivation

Ques.2 Briefly explain the method for carrying out the sterility test on pharmaceutical products.
Ques.3 What are disinfectant ? Add a note on evaluation of disinfectants.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Important Questions [ Unit 4 ]

Ques.1 Discuss the design and layout of an aseptic area.
Ques.2 Discuss the principle and methods microbiological assay.
  • Vitamins 
  • Antibiotics

Ques.3 Write various air flow pattern in Laminar Air Flow.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Important Questions [ Unit 5 ]

Ques.1 Describe in detail about animal cell culture :-
  • Preparation
  • Maintenance
  • Procedure 
  • Application

Ques.2 What are preservative ? Discuss their role in pharmaceutical products.
Ques.3 What is microbial spoilage and its types. [OR]
Elaborate various factor affecting microbial spoilage.
Ques.4 Write a short note on preservative efficacy test.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Important Questions [ Very Short ]

Ques.1 Define Microbiology. Explain different applied branches of microbiology.
Ques.2 Different between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells.
Ques.3 Draw the structure of prokaryotic cells.
Ques.4 What is the contribution of Louis Pasteur in the field of Microbiology.
Ques.5 Write the properties of Agar.
Ques.6 Draw a structure of bacterial cells.
Ques.7 Different between Flagella and Pilli.
Ques.8 Write the function of Pilli.
Ques.9 Write the function of Capsules.
Ques.10 Write function of cell wall in bacteria.
Ques.11 Differentiate between total count and viable count.
Ques.12 Write the advantages and disadvantages of plate count method.
Ques.13 Write short note on growth curve.
Ques.14 Write two limitation of electron microscopy.
Ques.15 Write the principle of simple staining. 
Ques.16 Define Staining ?
Ques.17 Define Sterilization.
Ques.18 Write advantages and disadvantages of moist heat sterilization.
Ques.19 Write a short note on :- 
  • Ethylene Oxide
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Membrane Filter

Ques.20 Write the importance of Fungi.
Ques.21 Differentiate Following :- 
  • Moulds and yeast
  • Fungi and Bacteria
  • Bacteria and Virus

Ques.22 Differentiate between DNA Virus and RNA Viruses.
Ques.23 Draw a structure of T-Even bacteriophages.
Ques.24 Define Disinfectant.
Ques.25 Write Ideal properties of a disinfectant.
Ques.26 Write action and mechanism of following disinfectants :-
  • Phenol
  • Alcohol
  • Aldehyde

Ques.27 What is MIC ?
Ques.28 What media are used for sterility testing ?
Ques.29 What do you understand IMVIC ?
Ques.30 What is Pasteurization ?
Ques.31 What is cold sterilization ?
Ques.32 What is Aseptic technique ?
Ques.33 What is Heterotrophic Bacteria ?
Ques.34 What is Acid-Fast Staining ?
Ques.35 What is the contribution of alexander Flemming in microbiology.
Ques.36 Enlist the vegetative mode of reproduction in fungi.
Ques.37 Enlist different type of phenol coefficient tests.
Ques.38 What is microbial spoilage ?
Ques.39 Difference between Bactericidal and Bacteriostatic.
Ques.40 What are Sterility Indicators.

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