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Pharmaceutics Important Question | D Pharmacy Ist Year

Pharmaceutics is the subject of D Pharmacy First Year. It consist of 100 Marks which is divided further into Main Examination [ 80 Marks ] and Sessional Examination [ 20 Marks ]. For passing this subject, a total of 40% Marks i.e. 40 Marks is required. 

Pharmaceutics Important Question | D Pharmacy Ist Year

So lets come back on the topic. There are some important question of Pharmaceutics is given below. Check out all the questions and try to solve them all by yourself.

Pharmaceutics Important Question [ Long Question ]

  1. Write brief note on Quality control and Quality assurance.
  2. Write short notes on pharmaceutical packaging and discuss about different packaging materials.
  3. Define the term pharmacy and discuss the different scope of the pharmacy as a career.
  4. What is Pharmacopoeia? Discuss the silent features of the pharmacopoeia.
  5. Discuss different types of capsules and write differences between hard and soft gelatin capsules.
  6. Define any two.
    1. Colouring agent.
    2. Flavouring agent.
    3. Sweetening agent.
  7. Write short notes on any five:-
    1. Membrane filter.
    2. Double cone blender.
    3. Triple roller.
    4. Hammer mill.
    5. Sintered glass filtered.
    6. Fluidized bed dryer.
    7. Ball Mill
  8. What is Novel drug delivery system? Write their importance in the drug delivery system
  9. Discuss different types of capsules and write differences between hard and soft gelatin capsules.
  10. Write the note on filtration theory and their factor affecting materials.
  11. Write short note on Quality control and Quality assurance.

Pharmaceutics Important Question [ Short Question ]

  1. Write a brief note on glass packaging material in pharmaceutical.
  2. Write a short note on Indian Pharmacopoeia.
  3. Discuss the use and misuse of plastic in pharmaceutical packaging.
  4. Discuss the pharmacist role in education professions.
  5. Define the different types of preservative used in pharmaceutical preparation.
  6. Write the construction and principle of ball mill.
  7. Discussed different factors affecting procedure in the packaging.
  8. Write a brief note on History of pharmacy practice.
  9. Define the terms solution, emulsion, suspension.
  10. Define the terms Sera, Vaccines, Toxoids.
  11. Write a brief note on Rubber packaging material in pharmaceutical.
  12. Define the term mixing, drying, extraction.
  13. Classify the powder according to Indian pharmacopoeia.
  14. Write the short note on cyclone separator.
  15. Discuss the sterile formulation and give their different examples.
  16. Write the construction, principle, uses, advantages and disadvantages of ball mill.
  17. Write the brief note on good manufacturing practice (cGMP).
  18. Define the calibration and validation.
  19. Define the terms solution, emulsion, suspension.
  20. Write the difference between sustained and extended release tablets.

Pharmaceutics Important Question [ MCQs ]

  1. The Word posos means…….
    1. How Many
    2. How Much
    3. How about
    4. Amount

  2. In aerosol, diptube is usually made of:
    1. Polyamides
    2. Polypropylene
    3. Metal
    4. Neoprene

  3. The label shake well before use in indicated on the mixture containing.
    1. Soluble medicaments
    2. Potent medicaments
    3. Diffusible medicaments
    4. Miscible medicaments

  4. In mixing of powder which method is used when poten substance are mixed with a large amount of diluents.
    1. Spatulation
    2. Geometric dilution
    3. Trituration
    4. Sifting

  5. Which dosage form is prepared from rice paper, which is made by pouring a mixture of rice flour and water
    1. Snuffs
    2. Cachets
    3. Insufflations
    4. Both a and b

  6. Simple syrup is a saturated solution of..
    1. Sucrose
    2. Fructose
    3. Dextrose
    4. None of these

  7. Elixirs are..........
    1. Hydro alcoholic liquid
    2. Aqueous
    3. Viscous
    4. Semi solid

  8. ................... is not a type of syrup.
    1. Simple syrup
    2. Mixed syrup
    3. Flavoured syrup
    4. Medicated syrup

  9. ......................... drops are used in otic cavity
    1. Eye
    2. Ear
    3. Nasal
    4. None of these

  10. Suspending agents imparts....
    1. Solubility
    2. Viscosity
    3. Absorption
    4. Wetting

  11. Which of the following is not a semisolid dosage form?
    1. Suspension
    2. Creams
    3. Paste
    4. Ointments

  12. Suppository bases—
    1. Maintain shape
    2. Helps in insertion into the body cavity
    3. Theobroma oil is example
    4. All of the above

  13. Which of the following is Not an adventage of suppositories?
    1. Avoids first-pass effect
    2. Irritant drug cant administered
    3. Melt at the body temperature
    4. None of the above

  14. Insulin injection is given by following route..........
    1. Subcutaneous
    2. Intravenous
    3. Intramuscular
    4. Intra peritoneal

  15. Which of the following wax is used to prepare eye ointment?
    1. Bees wax
    2. White soft wax
    3. Carnauba wax
    4. None of the above

  16. First pharmacy or drug store in Baghdad were established in
    1. 754 
    2. 758
    3. 756 
    4. 752.

  17. First edition of Indian pharmacopoeia is published in
    1. 1958 
    2. 1945
    3. 1955 
    4. 1946

  18. Which glass container is suitable for non-aqueous preparation for parenteral use?
    1. Type-1 
    2. Type-2
    3. Type- 3  
    4. All of these

  19. Father of Indian pharmacy is known as
    1. Ram Nath Chopra.
    2. William Procter.
    3. Mahadev Lal Schroff
    4. Chandrakant Kotate

  20. Choose the correct option
    1. Dosages form is one of the factors affecting in packaging.
    2. Vibration and shock is the test method of packaging.
    3. Low printing property is the suitable condition for packaging.
    4. All are correct

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