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HAP Important Question | D Pharmacy Ist Year

HAP is the subject of D Pharmacy First Year. It consist of 100 Marks which is divided further into Main Exam [ 80 Marks ] and Sessional Exam [ 20 Marks ]. For passing this subject, a total of 40% Marks i.e. 40 Marks is required.

HAP Important Question

Scoring 40% marks is not a big deal but it is also not so easy. You have to do well preparation for your examination for the better marks.

HAP Important Question [ Long Question ]

  1. What is histology ? And discuss about the various types of tissues.
  2. Write a short note on cell division.
  3. Discuss about Importance of anatomy and physiology in daily life.
  4. Define the cell & discuss about the various cell organelles or components of the cell.
  5. Describe the Electron Microscopic structure of cell.
  6. Classify the different types of tissues ?
  7. Give the basic properties of cardiac muscle.
  8. What are joints? Classify them. Explain each type of joints.
  9. Explain the following disorders
    1. Gout
    2. Rheumatoid arthritis

HAP Important Question [ Short Question ]

  1. Give differentiating feature of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell.
  2. Define the term tissue. How it differ from cell and organ?
  3. Describe briefly the structure and functions of epithelial tissue.
  4. Give the diagrammatic view of cell & and label the all components of the cell.
  5. Define the different forms of Intracellular signaling.
  6. Define the cell communication & give the details about G-protein linked receptors.
  7. Give the diagrammatic view of cell & and label the all components of the cell.
  8. Discuss the different abdominal region with example.
  9. What do you means about connective tissue? And discuss different types of connective tissue.
  10. Define the various anatomical position of the body.
  11. Define the different forms of Intracellular signaling.

HAP Important Question [ Very Short Question ]

  1. What is Synovial Joint?
  2. Define Joint
  3. Draw a net clean structure of Neuron.
  4. Define Bone
  5. Define Nerve Tissue
  6. Classify the Epithelial Tissue
  7. Describe & Draw the Structure and function of following.
    1. Mitochondria
    2. Golgi Bodies.
  8. Write a Short notes on Tissue
  9. Define the different symmetry used in the anatomy.
  10. Define the terms.
    1. Immunology 
    2. Endocrinology.
  11. Define the receptors? And write the name of different signaling receptors.
  12. Draw the structure of Mitochondria.
  13. Define the transport through Exocytosis and Endocytosis.

HAP Important Question [ MCQs ]

  1. Major parts of liver present in this region.
    1. Hypo gastric 
    2. Umbilical 
    3. Epigastric 
    4. Right Iliac
  2. Tissues are developed by which germinal layers.
    1. Ectoderm 
    2. Mesoderm 
    3. Endoderm 
    4. All of these.
  3. Which junction are responsible, to stop substances leaking?
    1. Adhering 
    2. Gap 
    3. Tight 
    4. All of these.
  4. Total thickness of the cell membrane is----
    1. 85Å 
    2. 75Å 
    3. 65Å 
    4. 68Å.
  5. Choose the correct statements.
    1. Thymus and spleen is the primary lymphoid organs.
    2. Bone marrow and thymus is the primary lymphoid organs.
    3. Spleen, tonsils, and lymph nodes are the example of primary lymphoid organs.
    4. All are correct